Avniel Anthony
"What is life if you are not living it to love?"


My name is Avniel and I am blessed to be here on this wonderful day that the Lord has made and thankful to have you reading my ad! Hopefully you will choose to be that "special" someone who turns out to choose me.

First and foremost I will not be locked up for a long time, so I am only seeking friendship but I'm seeking special friends. I am seeking someone who is business minded and ambitious like myself. Someone who is tired of being let down by mediocre people or relationships, false promises or disloyal people. I seek someone who really wants more out of life than a superficial connection or someone just to pass time, and rather someone who wants to accomplish something great or be a part of something really magnificent and special.

I am seeking someone loyal, dedicated, truthful, honest, trustworthy and reliable (notice loyalty was #1). I am seeking someone confident, motivated, intelligent, who knows how to get things going and who is not afraid to dream big, or see themselves as being greater in the future and work towards that vision. Someone who is a team player and computer/business savvy is a plus. I'm seeking someone with these qualities because these are all qualities which I possess myself.

I'm a very serious person. I'm very fun to be around if I let you into my world but I don't play games at all with hearts or minds and I don't allow others to play with me or appreciate being played with or having my time wasted. I'm very real. I respect honesty more than anything. If you want to team up with me and make magic happen parts, like 2 mature adults no need for games or lies we can win together.

I don't really have any family I really consider my friends as my family, because I've learned that sometimes friends are simply more trustworthy and closer than family.

I'm originally from Dallas, Texas but, I have lived the past few years of my life in Cancun Mexico where I recorded music for BMI/ Def Jam recordings and published two books. I'm laid-back, down-to-earth, funny, intelligent, talented, special (yes special LOL!), Love to learn new things and meet other people who are special as well (LOL!)

Okay if any of this interest you drop me a line and we'll get deeper into this conversation. There's much more to me than can be put into a 500 word description.

Take care and God bless.
Avniel Anthony # 54132177
Federal Correctional Institution
P O Box 15330
Ft Worth, TX 76119 USA
Women, Men, Friends
False Statement in Passport Application
Ad Start: 09/08/16
Ad Expiration:09/08/17