Vincent Rizzuto Jr

"Life with an Italian".

My name is  Vincent. Most call me Vinny, & this is all new to me. I have never been on any kind the sites. Or the Internet for that matter & in a minute you will understand why.

I grew up in Brooklyn & Staten Island. I come from a very large Italian. I have 3 older sisters & 2 younger brothers. Us 6 live together with my mother & help. Then my father had 2 more boys & one girl. We are all extremely close. Plus I have 51 first cousins.

Now here is the kicker!… I am currently incarcerated. Have been for the last 19 yrs. I know, I know, it's a lot to swallow. But I ask you to just give me a chance. You won't be disappointed. Plus U have nothing to lose. The good news is: I come home next yr. maybe even this yr. so that is the reason why I am trying this. Getting out to a whole new world. Can you believe that I have never been on the Internet? Or seen what Google looks like?!? We don't have Internet access in the BOP. Only emailing. Just emailing.

I have so much to share & say. & If you like to take this chance (do it) you will learn that I am a very loyal man. I live by a code of honor & respect. I will never lie or deceive any woman. I don't play those types of head games. After living amongst so many evil, vindictive, snakes, men for so many yrs. I will not ever be one of them. I am a MAN.

I don't need anyone's help. I have my own business. I say that because so many players.& Try to play women for money etc.… Ok, that is enough about me. As I always tell others SAP;s Self-Praise-Stinks.

I took a plea deal for 24 yrs. have to do 85% of that. I got charged with the RICO ACT. Organized crime. The reason why I got so much time is: because, I refuse the "WITNESS PROTECTON PROGRAM". In other words, I refuse to snitch. Rat. Once you hear my tale as to why I got this time, you will 100% understand. I have nothing at all to hide. & Will answer any & all questions.

What I'm looking for. A woman who lives close by CT, NY, NJ. Within driving distance. Someone I hope I can get to meet sooner than later. So no one over a couple hundred miles away. (Sorry don't take this the wrong way). Also a pretty, petite woman with old-school tradition. I am not going to lie, my expectations are high. She has to have class. Why, because I will treat that like a queen. I have a lot to offer. I'm not looking for a fling. I am looking for a wife/partner/friend. & When I find that "LADY" we will have many places to explore.

Now if you are interested you will have to mail me a letter with a picture & your email address. As I said, we have emailing here. So once I get your picture & email address, I will email you. Then we can go back & forth. Again, sorry, but a picture is a must. I got to see who I will be writing.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Vincent Rizzuto Jr # 54000-053
33 1/2 Pembroke Road
Danbury, CT 06811 USA
Rico-Act Racketeer
09/09/18 to 03/09/19
Ad Start: 02/02/17
Ad Expiration:02/02/18