Toby Spece

Hello future friend(s), 

Ok so I'm doing a 5 year sentence for one xanax pill! I'm not kidding! I have zero violent charges/convictions in my entire life. I'll keep it 100 with ya'll. I battle an addiction to drugs and fast $ and making my roles. I'm a thooughbred and take great pride in my honor and loyalty I hold true to, no matter how big or the situation as. I always pay attention to the principle behind all actions. I have no hidden agendas or expectations in making this ad. What I do have though is hope! I hope I'm no longer alone for much longer. I hope I can change someone's life for the better and thus mine be altered with a ray of sunshine penetrating through these dark dark times as well.

I will answer all serious letters. Some things you can count with me are: I'll always be honest with you. If I say/write it, I guarantee you I will follow through with actions. Talk is cheap and I can't stand that people don't do what they say they're gonna do I will never share your/our business with anyone else. I'm not into head games and I don't play with people's hearts. Please don't play with mine. My heart has so many scars frankly I have a hard enough time "simply"making it through each day with the heart ache I deal with what ever sober. So, please don't add to the pain I deal with already.

Compassion and empathy are my greatest qualities. I'd say it's important to me to be humble. I hate bullies and those who take advantage of weak individuals. I tried to generally be grateful for the blessed I receive daily but, dang people-it's easier said than done that's for sure. I consider myself a deep thinker and love smoking a fat blunt by the fireplace and/or a bonfire and having philosophical discussions with all walks of life.

Christmas 2015 in Anchorage, AK I spent close to $4000.00 on little shooters of liquor, pouches of tobacco, really fine Ak Bud and sandwiches and went around downtown it all out to the homeless. I can honestly say, I can't think of anything I've ever had more fun doing that that. I'm really into working out. I was a self-employed trainer for a number of years. I'm almost completely covered up and tattoos from waist up, you can't find a spot anywhere that has a 2x2 spot not tattooed except the front of my face. My entire head, armpits, literally everywhere. I have my right leg done to. 98% of my ink I've got in prison all through out the country.

I love to laugh and having a sense of humor is important to me. I grew up poor and having to steal my food usually, and what ever else I wanted. I really don't understand why all the people in my life disappeared when I got sentenced to 5 years. I did 'em all really good. I guess they were all fake.

I signed up for this 6 month program here in prison. Afterwards I could be sent to a halfway house. Who knows how long that will take but, if not, I should be released in June 2019. After I finish this legal work on doing to have my paperwork fixed.

Don't be shy. Send me a letter if you want a friend who holds true to the characteristics that make up the definition of what it means to truly be friends. Please make sure your mail has zero perfume/cologne on the mail. Also, no glitter at all or glue/homemade cards. No stains on any of the paperlike coffee spills or stick. No grants or markers writing. They like to refuse mail so they sever out ties with society in hopes of keeping us without support. Unfortunately, they are very sinister and malicious here. Especially being white and covered tattoos. It is what it is though so please write in pen, pencil and/or type. No stickers either or tape.
Well my friend, what are you waiting for? I'm an open book. Nothing is off limits or two personal. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! September 27 Seward, Alaska.

Respectfully yours,
Toby Spece # 526866
3600 Bette Cato Drive
Seward, AK 99664 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Caucasian, Irish, German, French, Norwegian, Pennsylvania Dutch
Forgery, Promoting Contraband, Attempt Escape
Ad Start: 08/10/17
Ad Expiration:08/10/18