Richard Birks
Richard  Birks # 523691    
12071 FM 3522    
Abilene, TX 79601 USA
In 2018 I'll be incarcerated 30 years for a robbery I didn't commit. 

Even if I would have done the crime it wasn't worth the 55 year sentence I received. It should have been a misdemeanor. Let me explain: I was arrested by University of Houston security officers who were outside their jurisdiction. I was taken to the crime scene in the back seat of their car-handcuffed-to be identified by the clerk, instead of being in a proper lineup. When Houston police came to pick me up, they didn't do an independent investigation in order to see if I should be charged w/ robbery. There was no physical evidence. $15.00 was snatched out of a cash register. The clerk was not hurt or even threatened. There was no weapon involved, and it was in the day time in a residential area. After I was found guilty I couldn't appeal my case correctly because I was told my trial records were destroyed. I had a short wait discharge date (good time/flat time combined, I should have automatically been released), but a 3 g law was passed retroactively & it was taken. And I keep being denied parole because they say I haven't done enough time.

Looking for Pro Bono lawyer/those accepting contingency fees. I'm grateful for any dontations towards legal fees. Also seek women for Pen Pals.

Donations by JPay/check/moneyorder to:
Inmate Trust Fund
P O Box 60
Huntsville, TX 77342
(In C/O Richard Birks # 523691)

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Robbery UUM Vehicle
Release Date
2018 If I Make Parole
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