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Sex - Male

DOB - 08/19/83

Seeking - Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help

Race - African American

Religion - Complicated

Convicted Of - Robbery/Burglary/Assault

Release Date - 2050

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Hey ladies,

I pray that my words are able to reach the heart and soul of an intelligent woman with an understanding of mind.

My name is John Dawson. I'm searching for a special kind of friendship. The genuine type that most people would love to have.

I'm from the west side of Cleveland, OH. I'm blessed with a smooth peanut butter complexion, and a pair of dreamy lite brown eyes. I enjoy reading romantic novels and writing poetic letters from the heart.

I would like to correspond with an independent female. Someone who knows exactly what she's looking for in life. A female that's not afraid to express herself is so exotic to me. I believe that a woman's true value lies within her heart and mind. When it comes to physical appearance, nationality, or age, I don't discriminate. But the true femininity of a woman is a must! I'm not trying to be judgmental I just prefer the company of the opposite sex

What are you looking for in a man? Hopefully someone who's honest, thoughtful, and very passionate I'm granted a few moments of your time, you'll see that I'm more than just words written on a piece of paper. My heart is filled with love, loyalty, respect with me by your side. You'll never feel neglected or under appreciative. I'll always be here for you. I'm willing to devote my time towards building a strong foundation for us.

John Dawson # 483752
2001 E Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43608 USA
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