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Sex - Male

DOB - 11/07/82

Seeking - Women, Friends

Race - Moorish American

Religion - Moslem

Convicted Of - Bank Robbery

Release Date - 06/2025

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I greet you in peace, and in hopes to an open dialogue with potential friends that we may create a universe when U-N-I-Verse.

My name is Johnny Sabbath. I'm 33 years young, Moorish American, Scorpio. I play chess, read, and just study that includes literature, history, religion, anything that makes me think, and grow consciously.

I'm pretty laid-back although my moms think I'm a comedian and I love her very much. It hurted that I had to be separated from her and I know it caused a lot of pain, that's why I made it a point and priority to educate myself in every way possible so I can at least ease the burden and contribute to the upliftment of her and any other woman I come in contact with.

As we know 'the knowledge of God lies in the womb of a woman"… So, I am obligated as a man to become a living example of what truth does to and for a man that's locked down.

I grew up in south-central, LA and I was raised in the streets. I thought having power was in the gun. I thought keeping it 100% loyalty was being willing to die for those whom you really don't like. LOL I was 12. Now I'm old enough to see, although I was never a follower, in reality we all are. But who we choose to follow determines what our future will be, loyalty, trust, & honor is a quality we must not misplace.

So you ladies out there stay strong, be wise and write me! I'm in a cell 24 hours a day but, "we are not bound by shackles and chains but by thoughts and perceptions."

As I close keep in mind I wish you all well. And if you wish to get to know more about me pick up a pen I would love to hear from you.

1 Love,

Johnny Sabbath # 45593-112
P O Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226 USA

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