Abdikadir Abdow
Hi my name is Abdi.

I am serving a long sentence and still have about  6 years left on my bit. This is my first time in prison and I am looking for someone to talk to and become friends with. I am a businessman who has acquired a welding certificate my incarceration. I am usually a quiet person but I enjoy flirting and talking dirty if I find someone who is up to it, I seem to know just what a woman wants to hear and I enjoy pleasing them. For me having a partner is having someone who is emotionally engaged with me. I also enjoy foreplay, kissing, being passionate and romantic, just having a woman who is real and will satisfy me.

I am very athletic and into sports, I enjoy rap music, my favorite rappers are young Jezzy and Stlyes P also I have been into Drakes new music. I am an animal person, my favorite animals are cats, dogs, and birds. I am also friendly kind and very open-minded.

I am also a very religious person with strong spiritual faith. My physical traits are: I am 6 feet tall, black, 186 pounds, brown eyes, black hair with an athletic build.

Most days I am good, but there are some days where a man can get lonely behind these walls.

I am hoping to find someone to support me mentally and emotionally. If you are interested in communicating with me please write me. I would be happy to hear from you.

God bless.
Abdikadir Abdow # 451176F
Grande Cache
P O Bag 4000
Grand Cache Alberta TOE 0Y0
Women, Friends, Legal Help
Africn American African Canadian
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-28-17
Ad Expiration:04-28-18