Joshua Cookson
Hello, my name is Josh. 

I am looking for friendship, and to connect with like-minded people my only means of communication are written letters, phone, and I am allowed contact visits.

Are you a dog person?
How about a horse person?
I love working with animals, and am hoping to get in touch with folks who have experience and passion for working with animals.

Although it is not a necessary requirement if you desire to contact me, my only request is to have a positive attitude and being open-minded.

Did you notice a few of my pics are with dogs? These are dogs I worked with in our dog training program, which I have been a part of for three years. Dogs come in from a local shelter and we work towards making them adoptable. It is rewarding to see them change and go to a forever home where they will be cared for. I've been lucky enough to have found a calling with training dogs, one day I hope to become an animal behaviorist, and work with many animals, but my first love will always be dogs, and horses too.

I stay busy finding ways to better myself and grow as a person by engaging in several types of recovery based programs, dog training, working in the machine shop doing repairs, welding, and fabrication. I am very active in my life long recovery from drugs and alcohol. I utilize my recovery coach training, and experiiential knowledge to work with other guys struggling with substance use issues. Doing this helps keep me on the path of recovery. Substance use ruined my life, and was the main contributing factor when I killed someone almost 20 years ago. Today I am putting the past behind me, and will make the most out of what life I have left, and I feel it is important to keep bettering myself to avoid being defined by the henious actions of my younger days. I have turned my life around and am happier than I've ever been. I feel free to be myself without fear of judgment from others or myself, and that has given me the greatest sense of freedom I ever felt.

Take care of yourself, take care of your animals, and take care of each other.

Joshua Cookson # 43601
Maine State Prison
807 Cushing Road
Warren, ME 04864 USA

Ad Start:  12-14-17
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