Thomas Two-Babies
Hello, let me introduce myself and briefly explain my circumstances and my likes & dislikes, my personality as an individual.

My full name is  "Thomas Allen  Two-Babies". I'm the age of 33 years old. My birthday is July 5th. I'm native American, as for my race/ethnic. I'm 5'5", around 165 lbs.

I don't quite have a female who I'd call a girlfriend, but I can say this much, we're close as in friends more than anything.

I'ma "cancer"sign so there's many sides to my personality. I can honestly say I'd like to confide in an awesome friend. The confide, would be mutual.

I hope you can appreciate my honesty. Giving my current circumstance, I can't offer you much, but sweet words and lonely nights, but will be straightforward.

At this present time, I'd like to mention I have legal issues, I'm pursuing to get proper remedies in the court system, in favor on my behalf. I prayed my endeavor to get the adequate resolution to my issues of wrongfully convicted are met. I maintain my faith.

I like to read a lot of legal materials, as I'm obtaining my paralegal. I also like to read philosophy type of literature. I'd appreciate any and all types of correspondence from all walks of life.

I like to embrace my culture and keep a positive mindframe on all aspects of my life and different circumstances in general.

I listen well, as in communication and like to have intellectual conversations, pretty much about what's of interest.

I'm a very likable person. I stay motivated in my legal issues and communication is"key" to me. I plan to continue to take college courses, in the future better educate myself. I like to help people and discuss different issues that "we"all face every day. I dislike negativity in any area of my life. I like to stay focused on good things.

I'd say my life and moral ways are on the right path. I'd like to accumulate better friendships through this correspondence and I'm open-minded. If there is also any legal support or guidance, I'd appreciate the assistance, and all my endeavors. I would like to utilize all available resources, in the course of my battle, with the court system. Believe me, it's not an easy task.

Hardest things I've dealt with is my "pride". I've matured a lot in my ways and through the troubled experiences I've endured, I may help others. Through my hard times, it's helped shaped my character, for the better. I've overcome a lot of issues with the legal system, I believe I do have a positive outcome in my circumstances as an incarcerated individual.

Feel comfortable, reaching out in corresponding and no I'll have the utmost respect, in all my correspondence. I hold honesty as a very important element of a friendship/relationship, as well as trust.

I'll be awaiting response.
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Native American
Native American
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