Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles  #  41162-051
P O Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837 USA
First off,

Thank you for viewing my ad. My name is Jesus and I'm 31. I'm born and raised in Roswell, NM. I've been incarcerated 12 years now. I am about 4 to 6 months short. I've taken advantage of these years to create a new mentality and focus on the path ahead.
I'm hoping to find a friend to update me on the world with its new trends and innovations since I am a little behind on the scale with these wasted years. To enlighten me and prepare me on what's out there now that I get ready to step out this door.
I consider myself easy to approach and open minded. I've been through a lot, so please feel at ease to correspond and correlate with me at any comfort. In turn, you will help me feel at ease and help me burn out these last remaining months at a quicker pace. Any questions or any comments you have are welcome and I will always respond straightforward.
I like to read and enjoy all types of music. I like to have fun, enjoy life, play all sports, work out and maintain occupied. I like to set my mind on goals and accomplish them. I am conscientious, ambitious, outgoing and easy to adapt to new sceneries and situations. I have an amiable character so it is easy to feel connected and acquainted with me.
Well I can chatter on about many things since I enjoy conversating. Unfortunately I can only reveal little for now. If you're interested to seek further answers or reciprocation then the initiative lies upon your shoulders to reach out and touch basis until then I am looking forward to hearing from you…
Women, Friends
Manslaughter, Felon Possession of Firearm
Ad Start: 05-18-16
Ad Expiration:05-18-18