Hosam Maher Husein Al Smadi
Hi there & Welcome to all of my friends and visitors.

Are you seeking a new friend.? Looking to have a meaningful and lasting friendship with someone honest, sincere, and respectful.? Someone who will show you attention, affection and appreciation.? Maybe someone to share with you his thoughts and opinions.?Even something more, a friendship that might lead to a true and genuine companionship.?

My peace (Salaam in Arabic) is my greeting to you for entering my prison world and lonely cage. As a Semitic Arab, I was born and raised in the Middle East/Jordan, But traveled to America looking for higher education, hoping to work, study and make a future in business. Unfortunately for me, I arrived during a very bad time when the so called law enforcement were looking for a victim to entrap with their prejudice, viewing all Middle easterns and Muslims with hostility, fear and suspicion as terrorists, this led to my entrapment and imprisonment, so they can justify what's going on with their crimes and corruption in this crazy world.

Gladly, I've been recognized as an international political prisoner of conscience. I am a freedom fighter rebel who was set up, framed, and prosecuted within illegal sting operation and fabricated case. It was all due to political and colonial reasons from the imperialists Ziionist war criminals, who want to justify their war crimes around the world;especially in the middle East, Iraq and Palestine.

Sorry, I'm not allowed to publish any family photos in here, but I've posted a few photos of my self, Including a single photo of my childhood to show you the real me while growing up. I can share with you some more of my family and personal photos once we get to talk and know each other further more, because I'm a family oriented guy and I do have many beloved younger brothers and sisters whom I love dearly.  :)

I'm an open minded, athletic, intuitive, witty, spontaneous, social young man and Gemini who loves the internet, technology, and to be active and connected with people online. I really enjoy different types of entertainment, movies, music and TV shows. My hobbies are writing, reading, running, cooking and playing some sports. I like adventure and out door activities such as hiking, working out, car racing, shooting, hunting and target practice. My experience with water is very limited but I'd love to go for fishing "swimming and surfing", if you'd like to teach me on how to better my self and become like you. :)

I also like to travel and explore many of the ancient and historical archeological sites, especially in Europe and the Middle east. I love nature and animals, my favorite animals are many besides cats, I admire dolphins, penguins, horses, pretty islander birds and smart parrots. In the near future, I'm thinking about owning a nice and friendly security "wolf breed dog" like Husky, Belgian, or German Sheppard.

I've written some great work and theories on many different subjects, my favorite literary and intellectual subjects are on Biology, technology, psychology, medicine, history, science, film, theater, religion and politics. My friends describe me as smart, respectful, creative, fun, loyal, elegant, attentive, brave and generous person.

I'm really interested in meeting new people and making new friends, I'm hoping to build and create a meaningful and lasting friendship with people from all around the world, I really enjoy learning about all aspects of life, styles, cultures, and experiences. If you have any talented life style and would like to share it with someone new, I'd love to hear from you and to share with you my thoughts and opinions, so we can know and meet each others further more.

In America, Prison is very brutal and lonely place and if you're searching for a really good friend, or even a more serious companionship that is based on trust, loyalty, honesty, respect and ultimately love, then you can count on me. I promise to generously give you my time to get to know the real you.. Inner warmth is more important than any thing else, so Don't hesitate to send me any message or comment on any subject at my Address, and Follow me at my blog at: ((" https://Prisoninmates.com/profile/HosamAl-Smadi39482-177 ")).

Thanks in Advance, Looking forward to hearing from you, May you be blessed in all that you do. My best wishes and Regards. :)

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