Geary Rushton
There is nothing I can't fix. I am good with my hands in so many ways. I exercise daily and I am healthy. I've always had a job with my hands. Man work, out in the sun. A man should work.

I have brown hair and blue eyes, 5'9", 180  lbs. I've been incarcerated since I was 26 years old (33 years). Alcohol once ruled my life. I'm a recovering alcoholic, sober (31 years). That is who I am. I've been convicted of crimes that do not accurately define me. I regret them and I've spent my time here reflecting on my bad choices. I've stayed involved in substance abuse treatment programs (one day at a time). I've earned my GED, college degree, college vocational classes and I'm involved in church programs as well as other positive activities. With God's help I have moved on with life learning how to stay out and free. I want to hear from someone who would love to develop a friendship.

You realize that we all make mistakes and are still able to give your friendship as you can see the good in people. We both want a friend in our life who cares. A friend who is just a phone call or letter away.

Nothing in life is guaranteed but should you consider writing here are a few things I can promise you: someone you can come to for comfort; eyes you can look into and trust; a heart that understands and doesn't judge; a supporting shoulder to lean on; a door that is always open; and time devoted to you alone. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then drop me a line. Let's become friends.

Thank you for taking your time to consider my profile.

Geary Rushton # 386086
Estelle Unit
264 FM 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320-3322 USA
Women, Friends
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence Next Parole Review 03/2020
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Ad Expiration:09-21-19