Russell Joseph  Germano

Praise the Lord Almighty God bless you.
Well I'll start by saying I am looking to find a Christian to share this beautiful journey with me the Bible says is not good and to be alone. I was involved with a lot of the wrong people in New York and I've been running from God a while. My spirit is so much more upbeat no more woe is me. I let go of condemnation guilt.

I may be locked up naturally but spiritually I set free by the blood of Jesus. Now when I know the next day is church service I am excited and thirst for more of Christ Jesus. I do my best to stay physically fit but struggled with my weight. I am reading a book of Joyce Meyer at this time.

I am seeking a woman who does not judge, my crime does not and did not or ever did involve women or children. The worldly Russell collected money for certain people my conversion was very supernatural so sharing my testimony in getting to know you would be a blessing.

I have 2 sisters, 1 brother, a mother in Florida at the age 84 whom I call daily to tell her how much I love her. I try to use the watermelon theory when it comes to preachers, evangelists, teachers. I make sure the message lines up with the word of God so I take in the good and spit out the pits. Well I would love to hear from you. There is several ways to communicate by mail, by email.

Our email system works like this we can not just email anyone and we do not receive email # numbers. Jpay sells us what's called stamps. The person from outside must make the first initiative so each letter will cost approximately 37 ₵ I always keep 10-15 stamps to respond. I am self-sufficient. I have my own finances. So will explain how stamps work.

God Bless.
Look to hear from you soon.
Russell Joseph Germano
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