Ronald  Whitener Jr
My name is  Ice to my peers.  I'm Baltimore city, East side.

I'm hoping to find someone special to grow with, out there, anywhere. I don't have a lot of time truly none at all yet. I violated my parole by catching a new charge which is a hint that charge that carries 5 years so that's what I'm facing now.

I need a special lady, young lady, or woman to save me from da streetz I run in Baltimore. Any race I'm colorblind. I just need a female friend in my corner. I can do for myself I don't need no one to take care of me while I'm incarcerated. I just want a true lady friend.

There's two pictures of me on my page, one from the streetz, one from in prison. You have the best of both worlds ladies. I truly need love, support, and care that's all.

My family and friends turned their back on me cause I came back to prison so fast. Homeboy and home girls are for home meaning when you were behind bars they're going.

Well thank you for taking time to read this. Write me. I'm here.

P.S. "Free Da Real"
"Out the Mud"
"BR Fam"

Ronald  Whitener Jr # 358789/2786281 
18601 Roxbury Road  
Hagerstown,  MD 21746 USA
African American
Handgun Parole  Violater
Pre-trial Fighting Charge, Facing 5 Years
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