Jeremy Mitchell
What's going on new friend?

My name is Jeremy and my friends call me Casper. I'm 27 years young and from the great state of CT.

I feel as though I'm reaching by doing a Prison Pen Pal website but was told results might come along and maybe I'll meet someone I could bond with. Although I should be leaving my awesome  stay in the prison system soon on early release. My max out date is 4/4/17 (8 months) but my guess is I will be a free man within 3-5 more long, long, long, long, long, months. Time seems to always stand still.

Please do not write if you're not willing to be long-term friends inside and out. I'm really, really looking forward to building relationships and finding life long friends.

Well I'm a very honest person and call it as I see it. I'm energetic over all easy going. When I do date I'm extremely loyal and I've only been in three long-term relationships.  You don't have to write me to be in a relationship. I'm also looking for some friends. It would be nice to come home into a relationship which is very soon and long overdue. Though I'm sure I won't have any trouble at all what coming to find girlfriends but I figured since I was in here we could build something great together.

I'll have work when I get myself out of this mess. I'm hoping to buy a truck for work and I do drive. Guess I'm somewhat stable and it would be great to have stable people in my life.

Hope you like tattoos because both arms are covered and some of chest and ribs. But they fit me for sure. I'm in good shape I guess. I've abbs and I'm cut up in a big way, big arms.

I've been in prison for 4 years already working out, watching TV and reading and writing poetry. I love music! I play some guitar and sing some. I like all sorts of music but what I enjoy most is Emo, Punk Rock, Country and Metalcore. You're probably like what the heck is that but I'll just have to play some songs for you.

I love camping and fishing I'm an outdoors kinda guy. I'm for sure not a kid but a man :) I like to provide for my lady but since I've been on vacation 4 years I need to rebuild.

I have an awesome relationship with mother father. Can't wait to start a family of my own. I would be an awesome dad.

Anyways hope you take a chance on me. Really think we could both bring happiness to each other's lives just always be honest and you have a bud for life. Hope all is well and I'll wait for your response. Write soon to facility address. Bye.

Jeremy Mitchell
Jeremy Mitchell  # 342788  
Perception Correctional Institution
54 North St P O Box 407
Willamantic, CT 06226 USA
Attempted Robbery, Plea the 5th
Ad Start: 09-22-16
Ad Expiration:09-22-17