Arthur White Jr
Hello! And greetings to all who take the time out of their precious lives to read this ad of mine…
I consider myself to be a well-kept, open-minded man with graceful ambitions towards life. I have the utmost respect for myself, as well as for others. Especially for a woman… I have a profound admiration for a woman that grows each and every day. I applaud all women for their many sacrifices made in their lifetime.
A little about myself is that I'm God-fearing,, and I don't do any type of drugs. I'm in great health and disease free. I stand at 6'2" tall, weigh 230 lbs., And have a nice tan complexion from my Indian heritage, with salt & pepper hair.
Loyalty is, and will always be my number one thing to live by. I believe in keeping my word as a man, so I never make promises that I can't, or won't be able to keep!
Some things I enjoy are: working out, jogging, playing basketball, writing letters, and I love listening to music. It's a desire of mine to be of something real and consistent. It'd be nice to be part of a truthful and loyal friendship with someone who is easy to talk with, hopefully be able to grow with, and to share our mix thoughts and opinions together. Nothing  has to be too serious, but I would definitely hope fun and lasting!
Be sure to tell me all about yourself with your likes and dislikes, favorites, etc. Please don't be bashful, you can ask me anything. The truth will always be in my answers!
In closing I truly hope and pray that life is treating you well and will continue in doing so for you to prosper.
Also I can't receive greeting cards in the mail.
Arthur White Jr # 338388/1339330
13800 McMullen Highway SW
Cumberland, M.D. 21502  USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Caucasian, Native American
Seventh Day Adventist
Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Gun
Serving a Life Sentence Presently
Ad Start: 05-25-16
Ad Expiration:05-25-18