Travis Tillman-Bey
Dear reader(s)

My name is Travis Tillman-Bey # 324495. I am incarcerated in the Michigan Department of corrections at Macomb correctional facility. I am currently serving a life sentence for an alleged felony murder and felony firearm however, on 6/25/2013, the United States Supreme Court's rule that natural life sentences given to juveniles under the age of (18) eighteen or arrested before their (18th)  eighteen birthday and given natural life sentence, are now eligible for parole and/or a new sentencing hearing. As my original sentencing was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court's, and the United States District Court's. Now I await the time I'd be resentencing and go before the parole board. At this time I am unsure on exactly how much time I will be serving after the resentencing, but I am sure it won't be a natural life sentence, and I'll be eligible for a parole hearing.

I clearly state the above information cause I honestly want the woman that takes interest in my profile/ad to know, I'm looking for more than a paper romance. I would love to meet the woman I can see myself with now and after the restraints of my unfortunate incarceration is no longer a burden.

I consider myself to be an honest, very loving and of most, loyal to the teeth. I do not have any children, but I love them dearly. And I pray, one day God , will so bless me with the gift(s) of being a father. I have "no" racial preferences. It is my honest belief, that the connection between the soul of man and woman is spiritual and should never be divided by the ignorance of discrimination. I am more than willing to dedicate my all to the woman willing enough to take an honest chance on "us". I am truly serious about meeting a good woman that will level me out and hopefully I can do the same for you.

Well, I am an African-American man; I'm 31 years of age, born 5/9/82, in the city of Detroit West side, where I was raised into my arrest date: 11/29/1999. I have black shoulder length dreadlocks, dark complexion, height 5'9", in weight 191 pounds. The photo attached to this ad is an older one and will be updated as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours!
Travis Tillman-Bey # 324495
Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven, MI 48048 USA
Women, Friends
African American, Moorish American
Felony Murder & Firearm
LWOP Pending Resentencing, Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 07-21-16
Ad Expiration:07-21-17