Eddie Murphy
What would the world be like if not for brave hearts like yours, who are unafraid to explore.

Although a brother like me, at this time, cannot sell you dreams, of grandeur, I do appreciate the nonjudgmental acceptance, and serially, and honor that and you as a genuine person. We often judge the intent of others from another sex, prisoners, etc. without getting to know them due to realities that it is because of ideas that come from our imagination or their imperfections, etc., when no one is perfect… However, all that I can do and will do is show you the inside of a romance heart; one that, once you get to know, I promise you will grow to love.

I can like a woman for many different reasons and even fall in love with her for the including giving a brother like me a chance, as long as you keep it real with herself and with me because honesty, loyalty, trust in confidentiality is our foundation. I like to be my woman's best friend-but not in the feminine sense. I like to win my woman's heart-not invwufkubf, make love to her mind, then conquer her body and in that order. I care that she's happy and I always strive to be the man by which, even if for some reason we should no longer be partners. She could have as an example of what a man should be in her future. Moreover, I believe that a woman should be an extension of her man and when man is made a king, she is made a queen and all that is required is that each respect the order in which God created us; that she should understand that the destruction of her man is the destruction of herself, where she loses the source of her being; that she should understand that when her man is degraded, so too is she, so she defense him against those who would attempt to demean him.

I'm a relatively young man (photos are about 7 years old-my dreads was done anew) from the heart of East Baltimore, born and raised. My father, mother and five older siblings moved down from Philadelphia in 1984, a year before my birth, while my eldest brother stayed. Two more siblings were born after me.

I was arrested at the age of 16, charged and sentenced for armed robbery in adult court to 15 years in prison, where I've now been for half of my life. I'm more likely than not will end up being released around April of 2017, and tell then I continue to search for legal avenues to extract myself from the belly of this beast.

I am currently in the process of writing a memoir about my life entitled No Chance in which I also have plans to turn into an independent film. I am halfway finished. Some things I like to do are: write, read, exercise, travel, music, movies, sports.

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