Ky'ron Sands
Love... Foremost, definitely appreciate the acknowledgment . The smallest gestures have beautiful imprints on our hearts sometimes, therefore, thank you…

Peace… Introduction? Ky'ron, 5'10", chocolate complexion, brown eyes, 36 years of age, although very young-spirited with features to reflect. From Norwich, Connecticut with the roots tracing back to NYC and eventually the Bahamas. Family oriented #I loves Moms. Unfortunately, I decided to forsake a decent upbringing as an adolescent, chose the streets which led to sports, drugs and entertainment, and now I'm facing the consequences. I'm serving four years. Every action deserves reaction. Reaction? Prayer, paitence and perseverance combined with a beautiful relationship with God. Suffering either makes or breaks the soul. Choose, not to be broken.

My background embodies 1 1/2 years college where I played basketball through out new England, and most notably the music industry which I've been pursuing seriously since 2010. Presently I'm building an independent distribution label from "the floor up, never the ground". Not that I don't respect the bottom but, personally I understand the qualities of elevation and empowerment. Also I'm preparing to launch a clothing company in 2018. With blood sweat and tears shed I'm  predicting success. God willing…

Happiness… Love conversating about progress, educating our youth, and I respect a female of dignity. Interested in learning new things from a woman who might entertain a different lifestyle, culture or language.  I learn fast. I'm learning to read and write Arabic and Spanish. I believe on the highway of life slow-motion is definitely preferred, therefore, paitence is a major key. Searching for a relationship where we both recognize the left lanes unnecessary. The beautiful man I've become realizes a well grounded relationship is based on the man approaching every situation prepared to provide as needed…

Love... Times of the essence, and between past and present is only opportunity. Hopefully I'm what you need and not just desire in life. For now, I'll patiently wait for your correspondence, patient but confident to be honest. Hear from you soon, God willing…Please 21+...

Life, Love, Loyalty
Ky'ron Sands # 293499
Carl Robinson Correctional Institution
285 Shaker Road PO Box 1400 
Enfield, CT 06382 USA
African American
Larceny 2nd of Motor Vehicle
Ad Start: 07-14-16
Ad Expiration:07-14-17