Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver # 277742 
West Shoreline Correctional Facility
2500 S Sheridan Drive 
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444 USA
Hello, my name is Mark and I am 35 years of age. I am from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I have a few relatives but no real family. I'd really like to start meeting people and hope to build lasting relationships in life. Unfortunately, all my friends got into hard drugs so I am letting go of the past and everyone in it. It has been difficult, but I feel that I do have a bright future and cannot wait to share it with others.

I would like for someone to get to know me for who I am and not where I am. I love to laugh and be happy. I enjoy witty banter and am a great listener. I was really but into motorcycles, cars, salt water aquariums, and furthering education.  I was in college when I got arrested and am working toward finishing my degree while in here.

I do not use people and I have the best of intentions. Due to my past, it takes a while for me to trust people. I am more scared of you than you may be of me. Once I do warm up and trust, you will never have a more loyal, giving friend in your life.

Snail mail and JPAY emails are welcome.  Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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