Derrick Lee Smith
Hi, my name is Derek, prisoner # 267009.

I am a 200 lb. Black man, Scorpio, 5 feet, from Detroit, Michigan and a veteran of the US Army, third battalion, 75th regiment…

I am new to this so I you like on because it is what I am going to tell you. I am serving for the crime of second-degree murder, reduced on appeal to manslaughter you see, back in 2008, my fiancé and I were leaving a late-night showing of the movie "Hancock"with Will Smith and Charleze Theron, and as we were heading to our car, there were three other men walking past us and as they did, they were yelling real loud and making remarks to us and they call me the N- and my fiancé they called a N-lover now. I could tell they had been so I just talked my fiancé "let's just keep walking". I could see that she was upset by their words because she started crying and tearing up and that made me angry because she was crying and by their words, the guys just kept yelling for at us about being white and being black and then they came running at her! I could not believe it and so I placed myself between them and said "why don't you guys just grow up!" Then one of them swung at me and hit me all and so, my having been in the US Army, I was able to defend myself but I was mostly concerned about my fiancé and so I started writing with 2 of the guys in the other one pulled a knife out on her, I then broke away from 2 guys that were holding me and I grab the other one by his wrist to control the knife in the other 2 crashed into me and we lung and the other guys were just standing there disbelieve and a drunken stupor and so I immediately started giving him first-aid at which time, the police had arrived and an ambulance to take him to the hospital and we were as comfortable as possible but she was shaken up by everything as was I, we were treated at the hospital guy was taken into surgery, we were all questioned by the police and released… 2 weeks later, I am sitting in my home and police arrived, stating that they had a warrant for my arrest for homicide! I could not believe it… The detective said that with my training in the service they believed I could have stopped it at any time, and so they charged me with 2nd° murder! Now, I lived in Detroit at the time, a predominantly Black city and because my fiancé was quote on quote "White" (Irish-German) Black people look down on that and the detectives brought the case against me… The jury having heard the case found me guilty of second-degree murder… I was then placed in prison… Then 2 years later… My fiancé came on a visit and told me that she could not wait for me anymore and she left me… I try to hold on to her and keep her in my life, but it did not work… She wanted children and I was locked up…

I then one my appeal and was given involuntary manslaughter… Then, in 2011 my mother passed away from lupus and heart failure… Then to top it all off, when his only son died in a car accident on number 17, 2012… Coming to visit me for Christmas, I just cannot believe my life is taken so many different turns… So, having been left utterly alone, no siblings and my family having went there ways… I started participating in the adult program here at the prison and since then, my dogs have given me a purpose and a reason to smile a happy and do right… I love the dogs… They are great…

I would like to hear from you and if you write me, please place your address in the letter you're sending to me because the mailroom here keeps the envelopes so we do not get the return address, and that way I can know you wrote to me and write you back… Or, you can email me at I would love to hear from you… Please put your return address in the letter you write me, because the mailroom keeps the envelopes or you can email me at

Hope to hear from you soon… Thank you… Derrick.

Derrick Lee Smith # 267009
Muskegon Correctional Facility
2400 S Sheridan Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442 USA
African American
Involuntary Manslaughter
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