Derrick Lee Smith
Hi, my name is  Derrick, I am a black man, separated, Scorpio, 44 years old, born November 1, 1972, 5'10", 202 lbs.… I will tell you my story and hope that you will be willing to write to me, because it is a very lonely lonely place and it would be nice to have someone to write and who will not judge, but will listen to what I have to say and then make the decision, so, here is the truth, and honesty is the best way so I will be honest with you about everything.

You see, there was a police officer in Detroit, named D.C., he used his position as a police officer to do a lot of dirty things to us growing up in the hood, you know… He was dirty as they come… So, I did some dirt to him, and over the years, it went back and forth with him and I trying to get at each other… One night, he told the he was going to get me, I said, good luck… I was cocky as hell back in those days… Still and in a way…

This man used to harass my mother while she was driving and bother people I knew, just because he could, but he could not touch me… Or so, I thought… One night, in 2007 I was in a club in Detroit, dancing, having a good time… Doing my thing you know… Well… On this night,2 women approached me and dance and paid attention to me… I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world because I had to women paying attention me… We got drunk and I was feeling myself, like I was king of the world, and I also thought that it could not get better than this and it was going to be a good night… We left the club, went to their car, and we drove from the club, and parked in a nice secluded spot on a street… Then, we got busy we all had sex together and I thought I was the most fortunate guy in this world… Then, after we were done I was in the drivers seat chillin' one woman was in the front seat and the other in the rear passenger seat, it was a 4 door vehicle, then, all of a sudden, the rear door opens, and a guy comes to the car with a gun out, pointed right at my head… I thought we were about to get robbed or carjacked, and so I told the woman to be calm and do whatever he says… Then, the guy tells the ladies… Are you ready/they said, yes, Dave! I was really messed up about all of that, because, they knew him, and he knew them! I sobered up real quick… It was Sgt. C., Detroit police. They said, we are ready to go through with what you want us to do, and then, he looked at me and said, well Derrick, I told you I would get you! He said, to the woman, that they just have to go through with the false rape claims and he would then drop the case that he had his detective friend had on the and there husbands… You see, they were moving dope all through Detroit and Mt. Clemens, it was sinking in that man was going to kill me, and I then became very angry… He cuffed me up on one wrist and then as he was about to get my other wrist, I heard the sweetest sound in this world… The house we were parked in front of had a porch light that came on and there was a little old lady who came out and then Mr. C. stood up outside of the car and she said, officer, do you need some help, he said, no, I have it all under control… She said, your squad car does not have it's lights on, he said, M'am, I have it all under control, and she then went back inside, after say that she was going to call back up for him… You see, he was going to "rescue two women from being raped"and get his credibility back as an office because the prosecutor in Wayne County did not want to prosecute him for crimes against his wife… And he could kill two birds with one stone, rid of me, and be a hero… So, I saw one opportunity and I grabbed his gun and he ran out of the vehicle, I told the ladies to get down and I shot at him through the windshield… It hit him in his back, he had his best on and then the other cops showed up there I am, being charged with kidnapping and rape… It is called criminal sexual conduct first-degree (Doering commission of a felony) kidnapping being the other felony… I was then arrested and placed in the Wayne County jail, I was angry as hell and I told those two women that they had better tell the truth… They actually had already signed the complaints and if they had recanted, then, they would have been prosecuted for perjury… The next thing I know is that I am at file and I even found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in state prison… I was f*c*ed about this… So, while I was inside, I learned the low, and thought my case, I won a reversal and then the prosecutor appealed and got it thrown out, I fought and fought and fought and then on April 10, 2017, the Court of Appeals for the 6th circuit granted me a complete reversal and I now have affidavits from the so-called victims stating that I did not do this and they were scared that they would be prosecuted and as such, they have taken it upon themselves to completely help me get exonerated. But, the prosecutors are making it hard for me because I have been wrongfully prosecuted and they do not want to pay money or admit that they are wrong, and so we have been negotiating a settlement for the case and my freedom… I want something for the 10 years I have lost here… And I will get it, believe me… So that is where I am right now in my life… I may have to the no contest to a lesser offense just so I can get the money I am entitled to for the years I have been incarcerated, in Michigan, it is $50,000 for each year, and they will have to admit to any wrongdoing, and I just get out, after having lost everything, and everyone… But at least I will have a fresh start… So, that is why I am looking to meet new people.

I am looking at about 1 year left for the final resolution of this case, so that will give me time to build new bridges and make new friends. I have nothing keeping me when I get out, so I can go anywhere… I would like to have a friend because it is going to be hard to make that transition out there… The world is different than 10 years ago, and so am I… But at least you know I have told the truth… Hopefully that will mean something to you…

Since I have been inside, I obtained my degree in law, civil and criminal, and I am in the dog program… I love dogs… They give me a reason to smile… Some photos are attached my site as well…

If you want to, you can connect with me on JPAY and we can email each other, and you can write me at the prison… Either way, I hope to hear from you…

Derrick Lee Smith # 267009
Muskegon Correctional Facility
2400 S Sheridan Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442 USA
African American
Involuntary Manslaughter
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