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Sex - Male

DOB - 04/21/76

Seeking - Women

Race - African-American, West Indian St Lucis, Virgin Islands

Religion -

Convicted Of -

Release Date - 01/2016

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I am a very motivated person strives to live a better than average life.

Usually, anything that I put my mind to I achieve. I believe that your body is your physical resume, and especially when a person has to deal with incarceration, you should make sure that you work with one your "temple", and leave this place 100% better physically and mentally.

At times I am an emotional person, but when comparable can open up to someone, but still have a tough exterior to protect my loved ones.

I have high goals for myself, and anyone I associate myself with should strive to be a successful person also.

I am an adventurous person who lives to have fun. I'm just curious and want to experience new people and see where it goes. I know I still have much to offer, so if you're curious and share the same interests, holla at me!

Todd Wilson # 260745
Carl Robertson Correctional Institution
285 Shaker Road
Enfield, CT 06082 USA
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