John Jones
Hello !!

Thank you for stopping by and checking me out. My name is John. What is yours. Hopefully after reading my profile you will take the step in allowing me to know your name and some things about you. But 1st I need to tell you some stuff about me. Well let's see, the pictures show what I look like. I am 5'11", 195 lbs., Blessed with a big heart and being a great listener. Honesty is a huge must in whom I'm looking for.

I'm to the age now (39) that I don't have the time to waste on a going nowhere friendship/relationship. I didn't do this to get my time wasted or waste anyone else's.

I'm a pretty cool guy, funny, easy-going, love to laugh & make others laugh. I'm looking for the same in the woman that I hope to meet. I'm not sure what your situation is or what you have been through in the past with others that led you to this present day & time. Now you have a man here that's probably what you're looking for & the reason you are on this site.

Listen… I have been single a long time, this place is very hard to meet people, so when this pen pal service was shown to me I felt the urge to take a chance and see what happens. There are plenty things about me that I'd like to share as well as learning about you. We can do all of that but, now we are to the part where it's your turn!! So if you're sincere in wanting to get to know me then write down my address and when you get off the site sit down and write to me and see where it takes us.

Until then…

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