Robert Ward
Robert Ward # 222741   
P O Box 279
Clifton, TN 38425-0279 USA
Hello, I'm Robert.

I'm seeking women to communicate with. I'm a 46 year old widower with 1 son. I'm kind, caring and understanding. I am open-minded and love to meet people of all kinds. I'm energetic yet can also be sensitive.

My interest include writing, listening to music mostly country and reading novels of all kinds. I absolutely love growing plants. I'm said to have a good sense of humor and hope to find someone who has the same qualities. I believe honesty is the best policy. My life is an open book, come read from the pages of my heart.

Although I have made terrible mistakes in my past, I work now to become a better man. I spend my time writing letters, which is not just therapeutic but also a constructive and positive way to spend my time.

Here is a poem I wrote just for this ad.
"Solemn Vow"
As I speak passion flows
I write my words so no one knows
The love I hold is so true
I sometimes don't know what to do
I give to thee a "Solemn Vow"
My words will please with a wow.
Secrets deep within my chest
Your smiling face is the best
My kindest words for your heart
In your life I wish a part
You say yes and I will write
You will get one every night
Words of passion, reality in witt
I give my best so simply writt
If you would please enjoy
Words I write of love and joy
Written words will do wow
This is my "Solemn Vow"

Maybe you could inspire me to write one just for you. Let me know if you enjoy poetry? Let's get to know each other better.

Age, looks are unimportant to me it's what is inside a person that truly matters. One must only take the time and give me a chance to show I'm worthy of your time and emotions.

All letters received will get a prompt response. Please write soon! Let's take a journey that could last a lifetime!

I am,

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