Alonzo Cargill
Hello my name is Alonzo.

I am a black friendly teddy bear. I am described by my peers as the black Mr. Clean! Some remember me from the movie "Blood Diamond"… Just kidding!

I am Jamaican and am here for a crime I did not commit.

My favorite movie is "Cool Runnings". My skin is as dark as the night but my teeth are bright white. I take pride in my bright white smile. I am a man that is curious to things. I believe knowledge is the true treasure and I'm always on the hunt for it.  My main source of knowledge lies with in my experiences learned from the streets.

Since I've been locked up I've managed to obtain a GED/diploma, culinary arts degree, and I've finished over 30 programs. I've been all around the world, been to many different places and met many different kinds of people. I love to eat many different cuisines from many different cultures. I can also create many different cuisines if you ask me to.

I have an open mind to learn new things in this one life that I have to live. I enjoy fishing, scuba diving, reading books, listening to 80s pop, music, and having intellectual conversation about life.

I am a man seeking friendship with a woman. If it leads to something I will truly appreciate it, but let's be friends so that we can build trust. I would like to know what you seek in a man… Love? Friendship? What do you do for fun? I want to meet a woman that's fun, outgoing, and adventurous… A good woman perhaps, maybe I'll find a best friend to share life with.

I thank you so much for your time. Hopefully I get a response. Until then, God bless & have a powerful day

Alonzo Cargill # 211441
Carl Robinson Correctional institution 
285 Shaker Road 
Enfiled, CT 06082 USA
Women, Friends
African American, Jamaican
Attempted Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-16-17
Ad Expiration:02-16-18