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Sex - Male

DOB - 08/12/87

Seeking - Men, Donations, Legal Help

Race - Asiatic

Religion - Poor Righteous Teacher

Convicted Of - Robbery/Burglary

Release Date - 08/14/20

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A diamond in the rough.

"True friends cannot be found where they truly do not exist, nor can one be hidden where one truly does"...

As a born dreamer there's always a moment right before I begin my day when my mind drifts and I wonder… "will you write me today? I don't know and I never know hand. However, with the odds stacked against me I sincerely hope to find someone who will be open-minded and willing to help assist me in creating a beautiful opportunity for friendship. The possibilities are infinite and that is what keeps me going. Not the guarantee, but the potential that a sincere compassion and understanding person would pen their mind heart and spirit allowing themselves to embrace me. Hopefully I can find comfort in the fact that true companionship may exist in these overwhelming circumstances.

So every day as I await mail call with my mind, heart, spirit open in hopes high that I may receive you. That to footprints of your life in a cross paths with mine and there is a letter sent from you to me. True companionship is not just intimacy but the thread that connects one spirit to another. A vision to see without prejudice to with the desire to fulfill all needs and they want that to gather no restrictions or inhibitions we can both be free.

Although some may call me a dreamer, I know dreams can come true. I believe anything is possible… Do you believe in fate? The great poets Henly said; "It matters not how strait the gate, or how charged with punishment thy scroll. I am master of my fate, captain of my soul
Over time, I've come to learn it's we who determined… And no matter how explicable or unbelievable things may be or may occur without regard to the natural order of things, the choice is always ours.

With all due respect…
A diamond in the rough.

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Michael Cooper # 211158
266 Water Street
Eddyville, KY 42038 USA
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