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As you know my name is Xavier Zamora. I'm 48 years old, "but trust me," I don't look my age. Some say I look 35 years old. I'm 5'7", 175 lbs, light complected with hazel green eyes. I workout daily and I'm built, stocky and in pretty good shape. I love all sports but my favorite are football, baseball, and basketball. My hobbies are fishing, hunting and reading. (I love reading.)

I'm single, and a very proud father to my kids. 3 of them are adults and my youngest daughter of 6 years old, whom I love with all my heart. I'm doing a 5 year sentence and I'm willing to share my reason of having came to prison with whoever will be interested in writing to me. I'm a very sincere and honest man.

What I'm looking for in my pen-pal, penmanship is friendship, someone who is willing to make the mailman stop more often at my cell and will make time to answer my letters. I like someone who is fun, cool, outgoing but most important someone who is sincere and honest. Honesty really is important in a friendship. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Xavier Zamora
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