Jeffrey B Lewis
Dearly concerned:

Randomly I write various lawyers towards my legal objective. Which is to have my  (Life) sentence modified to (30-50 years). I have completed the minimum.

Regretfully, I shot and killed a man 30 years ago. A year before the shooting I filed a sexual assault charge against his best friend for the abuse of my 7 year-old daughter. Months leading up to the shooting he and his friend made threats against my family and me.

He reached into his pants for a gun. I learned after the shooting his friend removed his gun; told the police he was unarmed; and testified that I murdered him. The judge instructed the jury on self-defense but they convicted me of murder.

The judge was considering a 'specific term of years'less than life. However, throughout my trial and sentencing, the former assigned-lawyer failed to advocate for my life and liberty.
I require a lawyer who can successfully get my (life) sentence modified 30-50 years. If you may be of service, please contact me at this address. I do thank you for your valued attention
Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey B. Lewis
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