Darryl Skinner
Hello, my name is  Darryl.

I'm seeking friendship. I'm a good kindhearted young man with a great sense of humor, fiercely loyal, honest, caring and devoted to whomever takes the time and picks up an ink pen to say hi to me.

With that said, I'm from a small town in Mississippi and I thought it would be nice to reach out into our beautiful world and see if someone would write to me and get to know me for the real man I am. It would be good to have some sunshine in my life. A friendly word, a smile, a moment of laughter or perhaps a shoulder to lean against when this life in here behind these walls has me feeling all worn out and tired deep inside. You know the feeling I speak of, it's the one that comes with a real deep sigh and a sad little smile and hope tomorrow is a better day. We all have those days.

I guess I've come this far and a little conversation in view of the world outside would carry me further down the road. So come follow that feeling that caused you to hesitate and read these words, sense to me on my way and it's nothing more in all of life be a difference in this day in my life.

I'm pretty easy going, love all animals, nature. I love to read. I exercise sometimes stay strong in body and mind. I love college and NFL football games, all kinds of movies, race cars and life in general.

I hope someone finds it in their heart to write. God bless you all and thanks for reading my ad.
Darryl Skinner # 207249
ASPC-Safford Tonto 2-A-7
896 S Cook Road
Safford, AZ 85546 USA
African American
Ad Start: 08-11-16
Ad Expiration:08-11-17