Clayton McGuire
Greetings and respect to everyone, I'm Clayton!

Looking for honest people to interact with on a steady basis. It doesn't matter men or women and from whatever walks of life is welcome always.

I'm 35 years old, 6 foot 1 inches tall, blonde hair, and blue eyes with a good bit of nice tattoo work as well. Some of my hobbies are fishing, traveling and collecting vintage wristwatches to name a few.

I do a great deal of reading every day that consists of fantasy novels or historical fiction. Never did have a large amount of friends in life due to a busy work schedule but have now had time to slow down and decided it's time to make some new good ones that are of like mind. Drawing and painting are another talent I have that I enjoy and some of my favorite things to draw are colorful dragons in flight.

At a young age I moved into my grandparents whole which resulted in being raised with old-fashioned values, morals and respect to everyone the way I carry myself. Another part of life I love are my dogs and cat at home that no matter what can bring a smile to my face.

Well not a lot more to say except again it does not matter what walk life, race, religion or a person is I have an open mind and look forward to hearing from anyone. Stay positive and write when possible.
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Estelle High Security
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Huntsville, TX 77320 USA
Women, Man, Friends
Evading Arrest
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