Mike Morris
Hello world 

I'm looking for a woman who isn't afraid of a challenge or to go get things she wants in life. A woman I can connect with on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Someone I can laugh and joke with but will also know when it's time to get serious. A woman who is sincere, brave,, funny, and very outgoing. She is an angel with a wild side.

As for myself I'm a Scorpio who is 35 years old, I'm 5'10" tall, a 190 lbs. solid. I have hazel eyes, blondish brown hair and I'm Caucasian case you can't tell. I'm very outgoing and spontaneous and I love being outdoors whether I'm working or playing. A few things I like is music, learning new things, and adrenaline packed sports.

Coming to prison for my first time help me find out who my true friends were. So when I get out I'm making a fresh start with all new friends and hopefully a good woman by my side. That's giving the fact that she will have to get to know me mentally and emotionally before physically…

Anyways this picture was taken September 23, at school. Yes, I'm utilizing my time to my advantage and getting as much schooling as possible and career opportunities as I can. So what you get is new and improved me raw and uncut. LOL.

So if you really want to get to know me write me. We can go to the moon together and if we don't make it at least we will be amongst the stars.

Mike Morris # 1924594
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884 USA
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-10-16
Ad Expiration:02-10-18