David Bustamante
David Bustamante # 190419    
ASPC- Eyman-Browning
P O Box 3400  
Florence, AZ 85132 USA

Let me start this by introducing myself. My name is David Bustamante. I'm serving foreign a half years and got to laugh so I'm trying to find someone to spend some time with and share some things with. I'm 40 years of age and wanting to find a woman to share and give some ideas and time with along with lots of photos.

I love to have an open mind to everyday things and I spend my time reading and writing and playing chess but what I love most is to cook and buy hats and shoes when I'm out. I have my own style of gear when I am out. I'm also a people person. I love a good chat and have fun, things are better with a smile on your face it doesn't matter what race or belief is people must believe in something also you can tell a lot by the way a person looks, I think so.

So please feel free to share and show me what you enjoy, you never know what life has in his door for you. Just like lotto you don't win if you don't play. Ha Ha :)

Well I hope to hear from someone. If you would like to see more photos of myself you can Facebook me at CBust76 or my name I'm the one in red and black with long hair.

See you for now.
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