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Sex - Male

DOB - 05/23/63

Seeking - Women. Men, Friends

Race - Caucasian

Religion - Kathalyan Faith

Convicted Of - 1st Degree Murder

Release Date - Serving a Life Sentence

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Temujin Kensu

I am a Michigan prisoner seeking friends and fellow travelers that I can share with on this journey called "life". All are welcome to write, visit, and commune with me. (Please note: my former name in the Michigan criminal justice system is Fredrick Freeman, which I no longer use because of my conversion to the Kathalyan Faith).

I was falsely convicted of first degree murder and am actually innocent, as my many friends and supporters will and have so attested. These include: a former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, a retired career federal prosecutor, a veteran TV investigative journalist, two former FBI agents, a former Michigan State Police polygraph expert, and a private investigator who served as a lieutenant detective in the police department where I was arrested. Moreover, the Michigan Innocence Clinic of the University of Michigan Law School and Proving Innocence both believe my conviction is a miscarriage of justice. A discussion of my innocence can be found on Proving Innocence's website and is on You Tube as "Justice Incarcerated: The Fredrick Freeman Story".

I have used my time in prison productively to become a better person. I have tutored other prisoners for their GEDs, assisted Spanish-speaking inmates, and served as a volunteer tutor and writer for illiterate prisoners. I have participated in Scared Straight programs and conducted courses on stopping smoking, power lifting and weight training, weight loss and dietary management, philosophy and world religions, meditation, music theory and instruction, world history, sound engineering, and constitutional law.

I am a musician (vocalist, guitar, drums), nutritionist, fitness trainer, and martial artist. I enjoy reading and love children, animals of all kinds, healthy living, art, and exotic cultures. I do not believe in drugs, am a non-smoker, and very faithful to friends and loved ones.

Temujin Kensu # 189355
Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven, MI 48048 USA

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