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Sex - Male

DOB - 01/20/70

Seeking - Women, Friends

Race - Caucasian

Religion - Christianity

Convicted Of - Murder

Release Date - 1st Parole Date 10/17/28

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Listen. I am dying, loneliness, please, let me finish,

Few people know this and I'm writing you this only cause… I'm not afraid no more making a fool of myself. What can ridicule bring that I haven't faced? I've lived, life is the worst.

I have a story to tell. It is a story about murder, robbery, and ungratefulness from inside the house where they were born. It is the house where I grew up, the house that, in some way I have never been able to be and if I ever hope to leave this place, I must tell what I know. So let me begin.

Come in. The living room is right, you can see some old pictures, they talk about murder. I killed the dreams of every one that offered me their love, starting with my parents, the ones that gave my name Charles.

Down the hallway to the left is the bathroom smell of robbery. For hours my mom shut herself in here to cry. Because I robbed her peace, chested her trust, and stole sighs from her.

Straight a head is the last room of my heart. Careful, it's dark in here. Under the bed is a box full of "treasures". Here, this dusty book records lots of memories. You can feel free ungratefulness as your fingers flip it's pages. I abandoned the teaching and love of my mother, and stepped on the advice my father.

Look, this worn out photo album has been with me 45 years. The first picture shows Apolla thirteen, housed at the NASA space Center in Houston. Visited that place to watch the stars, through a huge telescope, connect with my spiritual side. This here is at Clear Lake. It was fun fishing with friends and. Do you know what a sunset looks like? Here I am on my Harley motorcycle. The wind hitting my face gives me the feeling of flying. I want to say something else. I stand for hours in front of the mirror just talking to myself. I like the mirror, because I see my whole six foot one frame. Yes, it also holds a secret, but that is another story for tomorrow.

I never gave it much thought on putting my feelings on paper, but these four and a half years showed me, that with a letter you come in the presence of fine people. I believe that even though I am incarcerated, my mind is free to travel the world and learn cultures that are interesting, through the magic of writing.

I would love to have some great new pen pals. Please write and I will respond. Thanks for spending the time to look at my story.

Charles Grabow # 1834693
Boyd Unit
200 Spur 113
Teague, TX 75860 USA

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