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Sex - Male

DOB - 11/03/91

Seeking - Women

Race - Caucasian, Hispanic

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Release Date - 03/10/18

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Over here! Hey out there!

When is the last time you took a chance, eight leap of faith on something?
Do you believe love can be found in the most unassuming up places? I do. I believe God works in mysterious ways and answers prayers. You might just be the answer to those prayers. Make my day, send me a line.

I'd love to write, have plenty of time on my hands, and am down for anything-from friends to even coming across my future wife, and everything in between. No discrimination.

I'm a Scorpio, welder by trade, currently attending college. I enjoy working out, playing the drums, reading, and I live in Houston, Texas. Much more to learn about me and I can't wait to learn about you.

We don't have to communicate through letters like it's the Stone Age either, you can e-mail me or set up a phone account and I'll even pay for the calls.

The fact that you're on this site is proof you're contemplating writing somebody, why not me? I'm skeptical about this, as you might be as well, but what's the worst that can happen? Take a chance, you never know…

Michael Bland-Kelly # 1807588
2665 Prison Road # 1
Lovelady, TX 75851 USA

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