Chris Hall
To the right one,

CONNECTION… It's what we thrive upon isn't it? Getting past the starting point in crossing over that threshold TOGETHER. I'm hoping to come in contact with a woman who loves to conversate about anything and everything. To feel COMFORTABLE with telling stories back and forth about our everyday lives. COMMUNICATION about feelings they might not be able to express with anyone else.

I stand at 5'10" with brown hair and sharp blue eyes. I weigh 185 lbs. And am very dedicated to working out. I love to set goals that will better myself physically and mentally. I enjoy a wide variety of music, love to dance, and hard to get embarrassed. I grew up in Denton, TX. I am single and have an 8 year old little boy who means the world to me. I love the city life, but am just as equally drawn to the outdoors, and a woman who can execute both is already ahead in my book.

Upon my release I plan to further pursue the natural gas industry as a radiographer. After returning to the x-ray field and establishing a foundation for myself, I'd love to open a gallery displaying my artwork. I am excellent at portraits and like to venture all styles of art. I'm a man of many talents and would definitely take pleasure in sharing them with the right one.
Chris Hall # 1759637
Beto Unit
1391 FM 3328
Tennessee Colony, TX 75800 USA
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
12/16/22 or Sooner With Parole
Ad Start: 06-15-17
Ad Expiration:06-15-18