Daniel Baker

Hello and thank you for stopping by to view and read my profile. Here is a little about myself. I am serving a 35 year term and will be open and honest about my conviction should you write and ask. I am somewhat of an artist who has been learning the finer points of watercolor. I should also be getting in the prison craft shop soon and once I'm in I will be learning the art of leathercraft. I pass this time by reading, drawing, painting, writing, working out and listening to rock and country music on the radio.

I am hoping to meet some new friends from all over and learn about as many different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives as possible including yours, that's why I have posted this profile. I am 6', 175 lbs., With a slim muscular build with brown hair and green eyes. My friends would tell you that I've got a great sense of humor and that I look like a young Brad Pittt. LOL (that That might be pushing it). LOL.

Friendship is what I'm looking for. I do not judge people by the choices/mistakes they have made in life. I am looking for people who like to write, who like to get mail and who will be open and honest about themselves. Age, race, sex, weight in nationality are not important to me. I will answer all who reply so pick up a pen and paper and shoot me a letter. I will be here waiting and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Your new friend, Daniel Baker
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