Rodney Moore
My name is Rodney. I'm 36 years old. I'm hoping to correspond with a lovely lady, while at the same time build a friendship by placing this ad.
I'm open to whatever may come, if I were to find something more significant, that would be a blessing, but only if it were to come naturally.
I'm loyal, honest and can find a comical aspect to a situation. I'm a very loyal friend. To loyal to a fault at times. These days I'm working on only giving that loyalty to those deserve it. I'm a firm believer in life's too short, so don't take yourself too seriously.
I was born and raised in Arizona, go Cardinals! I think it should be said that my profile pic is old one, but let me assure you that I did become a troll then :) I'm just unable to take a recent pic in my current situation as the prison I'm at doesn't offer us the opportunity. Just had to put it out there.
I'm not trying to "catfish" anyone. Anything you'd like to know about me you're welcome to ask. I'm an open book and not easily offended.
I hope to learn about you. What you like to do, what interest you, what your life ambitions are.
I'm a very funny person. I'm almost positive I could put a smile on your face but only if given the chance. I hope you take the time and consider giving me a chance. I can be a very funny and loyal friend.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Take care and have a good day. Rodney
Rodney Moore  # 173067
P O Box 4000
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
Armed Robbery, Aggravated  Assault
Ad Start: 06-01-16
Ad Expiration:06-01-17