Justin Minor
Loyal to no end.

I keep it real whether it's wrong or right. I like to cook, clean, read and write. Also I love to learn new things and enjoy new experiences. It's so much I have not done in hope to do with a partner in the very near future.

Unfortunately for years I have reduce myself to settle for less, subjecting myself to so many wasted years of prison time. It took years of prison to finally realize the value of my mind and self worth. I finally understand how powerful my mind is, and how far it can, and will take me in life. All I have to do is use it to its full potential.

Now I'm focused, fed up, tired of being tired. No more settling for less, when I'm capable of achieving my goals and attaining endless success. My will, determination and desire wont allow me to fail again.

I'm looking for a woman compatible, friendly, a partner, lover, friend. A lady of caliber with class, loyal, understanding, nonjudgmental, who understands people make mistakes, have mishaps in life. One who supports her man and push him when he lacks

Sexy, educated, professional, real, caring, ladylike.
Justin Minor # 16A2534  
Hale Creek Correctional Facility 
P O Box 950 
Johnstown, NY 12095 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Drug Sale
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-20-17
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