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Sex - Male

DOB - 08/20/81

Seeking - Women , Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help

Race - Caucasian, Irish

Religion -

Convicted Of - Intro Contraband, Drugs

Release Date - 01/2017-2020

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My name is Dylan,

I'm 6'1", blue eyes, shaved head, facial hair is always lined up & clean & lots of tattoos. My back, arms, chest & sides are all filled with meaningful pieces & nice work. I'm Irish & was born in Seattle Washington-go Seahawks-I love football, I'm very active & playing almost any sport. I work out & stay fit but I'm not consumed with it. I am 211 lbs. I love all outdoors. The ocean & beach is where I've spent most of my younger years from fishing commercially in Alaska to diving in the Florida Keys.

Family, loyalty & ffriendship is where my heart is. I take pride in honoring all of them to the fullest. I have a really big heart & love for life & people. I try my hardest to have a positive outlook through life & spread it around wherever I am. Making people smile & left is 1 of my gifts, regardless of the situation.

I'm in prison for an introduction case. I got caught up with some drugs. I was going through some hard times in life & made some bad decisions. I go to parole in January 2017 or will be released in January 2020. But I've been taking classes for everything I can really. Trying to stay to help for parole & busy, & focused. It's somewhat of a release from what goes on around here plus you never know I might learn something or meet a like-minded person which is why I'm putting an ad up.

I would love to meet someone cool, laid-back & got goals & dreams too. You never know what communication & networking will bring your way. I'm looking for positivity, friendship, loyalty & someone who has a drive to do something special with life. Someone who might need to smile & some 1 who knows how to keep it real.

So go ahead & hit me up, send some pics if you can. I am working on getting some pictures & artwork for my page. So I will be updating it ASAP.

Just a few things to express my personality. I should be going 2 the 1/2 way house soon.

Dylan Wright # 165661
P O Box 3
Pueblo, CO 81003 USA

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