Steven Attar
Waiting for you, dear- 

Thank you for reading this! They say I won't get many replies "coming on too strong", but I'm not looking for a ton of pen pals. Honestly, I'm hoping for a special woman who desires a kind, caring, generous man who's willing to give her his attention, affection, and understanding. She's gentle, sweet, and compassionate towards others; someone I can talk to about anything. She's trying to connect with a sensitive, passionate man who appreciates her as she is and respects her as an equal. If this is you, and you wish for a sincere, faithful man ready to commit fully to a meaningful romantic relationship with the right lady, please write me! I'll answer immediately! Feel free to ask me anything you like, but here's a bit right now.

Let me say, I am here for you. I'm not seeking any financial support at all. Okay, I am a devoted Buddhist, and try to meditate daily. I'd prefer a Buddhist woman, but am open& as long as you have spiritual goals, not just material ones. I began yoga recently and do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle. It would be wonderful if we shared that.

I'm 50, but they say that the new 40, smile. I've never been married and have no children. I'm intelligent, and a computer guy (my last job was at work admin). I love reading, write a great deal. I enjoyed listening to trance and club music when it's on Sirius XM. My "outside" hobbies are watching movies (classic, drama, and "chick flicks"-seriously!), Hiking, and gardening. I plan on doing all that, with a partner. I also love cats, and this happened around.

Whatever you decide to do, may you be blessed on your path!
Steven Attar # 164537
11363 Lockhart Road
Delta, CO 81416 USA
Attempted Murder
Release Date
PED 06/11/2018 MRD 2022 (Estimate)
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