Demetrious Moore
Demetrious Moore # 16135171
P O Box 305
Jonesville, VA 24263-0305 USA
Hello and good morning or good evening. Depending on where in the world you live.

Since your reading this then you finally found me. I'm from Columbus, Ohio. But I lived in South Carolina for for a couple of years. I'm the oldest of four siblings. But I don't have any children of my own.

I don't have many hobbies. But I do like to spend my time studying different subjects that will help me accomplish my long and short-term goals. Even though I wouldn't call myself a health nut. I like to learn new health tips, and try to keep myself in the best physical shape possible. Also, I try to maintain a fairly healthy diet, which I will brake for a brownie, my favorite snack.

Although I believe in occupying my time with activities that will make me a better man physically and mentally. In hope of having the tools I need to be more successful. I don't believe life should be taken so seriously or be boring. So I couldn't say what I like to do for fun, besides have fun. I'm the type of man to make the best of any situation and enjoy myself where ever I am. Usually the people around me enjoy theirselves also.

I know it has been brief, but I hope you enjoyed reading up on me. Hopefully I hear from you soon. I'm always interested in meeting new people to share ideas, opinions and past experiences with, good or bad. If not take care, and I hope these parting words will help you as much as they have helped me.

"Every day is an opportunity to be successful. Don't waste your opportunities."
African American
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