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Ad Start Date 04-20-16 Ad Expiration Date 04-20-17

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Sex - Male

DOB - 08/13/81

Seeking - Women, Friends

Race - Hispanic, Native American

Religion -

Convicted Of - Mis/Inv Wep, Felony Fight

Release Date - 2023

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Greetings just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.

Well first of all "I'm freakin awesome" but of course that's just my personal opinion. I'm only kidding, really I'm not a conceited person. Though I do think highly of myself. As I believe we all should. I do feel I'm a really cool person once you've had the chance to get to know me a little bit better I can be a clown at times, and enjoy making people laugh. Though am also capable of having a serious conversation as well.

Honestly I find this whole introduction thing a bit awkward but am hoping to meet someone fun, and cool to build a good friendship with, or whatever might happen with this whole ad thing. Truthfully I'm open for anything.

I'm currently serving 15 years for multiple offenses. However I'm not a bad person. At least I don't believe I am. Looking back now I feel I was just caught up in a bad situation. Anyway I doubt anyone wants to hear a sob story.

I enjoy listening to music. A bit of everything actually. But mostly R&B, oldies, rap. I also like to read books and work out to pass the time.

So far I've already served about five years of my time and am already looking forward to getting released. Though I still have a number of years to do. It gets closer to that time every day. Besides I feel you can never be too optimistic. So if you're interested in meeting someone (awesome) like myself :) I encourage you to take a chance and drop me a line and introduce yourself

Maurilio Sinaloa # 159330
ASPC-Tucson-Santa Rita
P O Box 224406
Tucson, AZ 85734 USA
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