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Sex - Female

DOB - 10/14/93

Seeking - Friends

Race - African American, Caucasian

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - 2nd Murder, Armed Robbery

Release Date - 2032

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My name is Laura.

I'm 22 years old seeking fun correspondence. Considering my circumstances I keep a smile on my face and I have a beautiful sense of. I attend any productive activities I can and I have many certificates. I stay away from trouble because trouble is what led me here.

I am single and I do not have children. I enjoy the outdoors and I can be very creative with my mind and with my hands.

If you would like to know me more and you're not afraid to explore the possibilities of forming an amazing friendship then contact me.

Laura Mikell # 155987
Lowell Correctional Institution
11120 NW Gainesville Road
Ocala, FL 34482 USA
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