Marshall Thompson
Before I begin, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to sift through all these profiles. More importantly… For clicking on MINE! LOL.

It's not lost on me how busy and fast-paced life can be. I appreciate you for coming this far. Not many people do.

So a bit about myself… I'm 35, a professional tattoo artist . Well, not much "professional "tattooing goin on in here. LOL. Before this, I'd been tattooing professionally for seven years. I absolutely love it. Tattooing ain't just something I do… It's who I am! I see the world through a tattoo artists eyes. My favorite place in the world is in that shop. The instant gratification that I get when the people's faces light up after laying down a complete piece… Such a great feeling! I take huge pride in my work. I believe it's a real responsibility that I'm privileged enough to permanently mark a person's body. I truly do miss it! It's my dream to one day own my own shop.

Now for some ugly truths. I've about a year left on my sentence for assault. Got in a bar fight and broke a guys jaw. Simple as that. No biggie. Wrong! I used to blame the system, the other guy, so on and so forth. Took me a while to come to terms that I alone grew my life away in a moments time. It was then that I finally got some perspective chose to use my time to become a better man. It was through taking responsibility for my actions that real change came. We all fall, it's never pretty… And I fell hard, flat on my face. It's how we get back up that counts. That's where real strength and character, from… Our failures.

Time for some reality. Prison is a hard and cold world. Very little kindness in a place like this and next to no compassion. Made worse by the fact that most of the world has packed up and moved on. Including most of my families. That's how it is, out of sight, out of mind. Life is on. That simple but harsh fact leaves a profound impact on a person. So that's why I decided to post this profile. Attempting to find some of that kindness and compassion that a person needs in order to be whole. To not lose yourself in this place. Believe it or not, a simple letter can do just that. Mail can give us an outlet, and escape to something outside these walls, to a world that has left us behind.

Bringing this to a close, I hope that I have piqued yourinterest or inspired you enough to take one more step. You've already come this far… Let's see what happens It's kinda like adopting a rescue dog, they'll forever be grateful, super appreciative and really loyal! LOL. Seriously though, if you don't choose me, please choose to write someone. You can really make a difference in a person's life. You can bring light into an otherwise dark world. Don't get me wrong… Just to be clear… I am the obvious choice, right??? Don't forget to smile.


Marshall Thompson # 154785
ASPC- Lewis/Rast
P O Box 3600
Buckeye, AZ 85326 USA

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