Trammell Moore
Greetings ladies,

My name is Trammell Moore. I am 24 years of age and I am from Pine Bluff. I have a daughter that seven years of age. I lived my whole life in Pine Bluff, AR as of right now that's all I know and being that's all I know I am desperately wanting to find another place to relocate. I have a while to think about where I want to go because I have some years to do and that's my reason for writing this letter.

I'm in need of a friend, associate, a good person that will accept me for who I am and not for what I'm incarcerated for. I'm just a person who made a bad decision. I'm not a bad person. I love God. I accept the Lord as my Christ and Savior, he is the one who is going to guide me through these trials and tribulations.

I'm taking classes to also better myself while I'm incarcerated. My life has changed a lot within the five years that I have been incarcerated. I know that it is better for me. I haven't had anyone to write me from this program.
Trammell Moore # 154651  
Grimes Unit 
300 Corrections Drive 
Newport, AR 72112 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
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