Aaron Lewis
Best Friend Ever

Are you looking for a friend? That's great cause I could really use a friend in my life too! Let me tell you about myself first...

My name is Arron and I'm 34 years old (Capricorn). I was born in Ruston, Louisiana and I'm an only child. I'm half Mexican/White and most of my family is in Louisiana, Texas, and California.

I enjoy traveling and seeing new places. I've lived in Utah, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana but have been all over thecountry...Mexico and Canada too.

I listen to all kinds of music and am pretty versatile with my tastes. Movies...I like Action, Suspense, and Horror bur I'll endure a chick flick if I have to...LOL.

When I was free I loved doing stunts on my motorcycle and I included a photo of me striking a superman pose...see pics. I would do every stunt except an "endo". No way! LOL!. I like animals and love my pitbull, Bella. she is a big baby and has a sweet disposition. I included a picture of her asleep with me. also I loved the video games and played first person shooter games on Xbox 360. There's nothing more irritating then having a "squeaker" (young kid beat the crap out of you and then talking smack...Ha!

No I spend time reading books and magazines, drawing occasionally, and writing my story...which brings us to my situation...

I'm incarcerated on a parole violation but I have pending capital murder and kidnapping charges that I am fighting. My case is highly publicized in the state and has received attention nation-wide. My trial is scheduled to begin in 2015. Imagine your whole life being turned upside down and you're on the front of every newspaper and on every news channel. It's crazy and my anxiety stays high sometimes but writing helps a lot.

All around, I'm very easy going, a people person and good listener but not judgmental at all. Actually I'm pretty liberal. Hope your not confused...LOL. I've enjoyed a very interesting life with enough content to raise an eyebrow. I'm pretty blunt so ask any questions you want. I'm an open book.

Anywho...I'm just looking for someone who enjoys writing and would like a great friend. My only request is "HONESTY". Please don't lie to me.

If you like my pictures and ad, shoot me a letter and I promise to write back. If you can...send me a picture with your letter. I hope to hear from you soon!

Remember: PItbulls make great pets! Adopt a pet and save a life!
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