Eddie Arellano
HELLO, to all of my future new friends!
500 words about myself  hmmm… I can easily write about my supportive friends and family are, or how busy I stay with different tasks through out my time to fend off the lonely day here. Different tasks have been a positive lifestyle for me to keep growing. On the out I had my own pet rescue hobby by taking all types of animals, nursing them back to health and then the hard part of giving them to a good home. Hard as in letting go!
My backround includes many different experiences. As a team to a young I thought I made poor choices, and I'll forever be paying for it, and changing every day. I have an open mind to all walks of life. I've seen a lot of lifestyles! I love all different types of music: Taylor Swift, Drake, Lady Antibellum. Same with books: Ann Rice, Jackie Collins, to Dean Koontz.
My routine of building my mind working out to build me daily. In the past jobs I enjoyed landscaping, carpentry, and one of my loves is culinary arts. I can prepare a tasty chicken Parmesan, shrimp scampi, rice  pilaf, and raspberry filled fritters, which is great to take camping, like to Netherlands and Santa Cruz, are some of many place I vacationed at! I enjoy all over the world in just staying indoors curling up on the sofa with a close friend and enjoy a movie like, The maid, Limitess, or Chronicles of Narnia! Some of them touch the heart!
I also put some pictures up for you to enjoy, some are personal experiences, or an experience yet to come. One of them would be the beach, Caribbean preferably, I enjoy boats, jet ski, just being on the water, and playing out in this shine with a cold drink and a piece of mind. In addition I put some artwork of my own, however some consider me to be a good artist, but I just say we all got some talent in us all somewhere.Of course being incarcerated with nothing but time on your hands would make you good at a lot of things and unfortunately that's how I developed my art skills by practice and repetition.
I'm looking for a pen pal, friends only and of course someone who likes tons of letters, artwork and laughs! But beware I've been known to write too much at hard to keep up! The first letters are sometimes hard to write; so here are a few questions to help start your letter.
What is your typical day like?
What TV shows do you like watching?
What were your favorite cartoons as a child?
What kind of pets do you have or like to have?
What are your favorite 2 colors?
What was your most memorable birthday?
What was your first job?
I thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you?
Sincerely, Eddie Arellano
Eddie Arellano # 146489
12750 Highway 96 Lane 13
Ordway, CO 81034 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Felony 4 Assault
Still beautiful after the storm
My best friend till the end
I'm sending care bear love
Learning to fly by falling
Trials, Tribulations come form success
Angels are always
lurking around
My blacked out hummer
Such beautiful landscapes in Red Rocks
Arts, Beer, Laughs and cheers
Peaceful animals but wild inside
Man hands make good creations
I remember these peacefull timest
Nothing better than White Christmas
Grampa's old mindshaft
We're surrounded by E'm
Let's see who backsdown first
Walking on the clouds
My dreams to experience one day
A look at natural beauty
Amen to all
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