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Sex - Male

DOB - 06/10/91

Seeking - Men, Friends

Race - African American

Religion - Spiritual

Convicted Of - Larceny Offences (Grand Larceny)

Release Date - 11/2020

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The name's "Robo".

For starters, I'm complex. Not interested in anything but authenticity. Not looking for money, relationsips, or legal help. Just great people. People with ambition. People who aspire to constantly learn, evolve, and progress. Responsible & accountable adults. People that have the capability to help me grow in various aspects.

I'm 24 age wise but much older mentally.. Mature. I have experience under my belt so I do nothing but try to help others.

I've been incarcerated since 2010 and I have about five years left. Nothing big. I like to think of myself as an asset despite circumstance. I have a supportive family, a couple of friends, and a surplus of associates. Quality is the objective. I'm a bona fide Gemini, ha ha. To know me is to love me, all day and night long. Sexual preference? Ask, I'm 6 foot four, by the way.

I have a non-negotiable zero tolerance for lies or mind games. No need for any of that. Life is entirely too short to do anything other than chase your dreams and enjoy the experience on the way there. I'm an outcast in here (prison); I don't fit in with any of the crowds. First and last time.

I have a pretty good life-minimal complaints and complications. Perfect health, and blessed from head to toe. Spoiled rotten, mostly by myself. I have the tendency to be pessimistic at times…I love to smile, love to laugh, love, love, love, euphoria.

This is (me) in a small nutshell.

Reese Robinson # 1434290
Augusta Correctional Center
1821 Estaline Valley Road
Craigsville, VA 24430 USA
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