Jason Bennett
Loyalty, honesty, given respect and getting it back. You would think everybody would want these qualities in their friends or lover. But sadly some people have these traits. I am not a perfect man but I do know I am a dang good friend. All those things above and more is what you get being my friend.

I caught my charge at 18 years old. So try not letting my charges judge your decision because I was a child then I am a man now. I have been in prison eight, nine years or close to the numbers.Slowly starting to lose grasp on what year it is but since I have only 24-30 months left in here, keeping better track. I know prison is not for me and I will never come back.

I keep in shape always. I have a passion for food and making food. I love sci-fi, mystery movies and anything that goes bump in the night. What do you have to lose writing.

If you're a caring and honest person, ready for a good friendship where we can't write weekly weekly then give me a moment of your time and see if I am good friendship material or not. I am a great listener and promise I will be worth your time!

I love all types of music. Have a passion for eating food and making. Love try different dishes. Believe it or not, I love writing books, love the rain, camping, boat writing, swimming, anywhere, love different styles of wine, inside card or board games, or PlayStation. I'm down to earth and love trying new things.

As I said I caught my charge as a young kid. I need friends and that companionship right now in my life. Really hope to hear from you.

Jason Bennett  # 142586
505 Prison Connector
Sandy Hook, KY 41171 USA
Possession of Substance 3rd °
Release Date
04/15/19 or 2020
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